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Hacking the immune system

About ellennbe

ellennbe is a biotech start-up located in Munich, Germany, drawing on many years of research in modulatory immunotherapy. 

We are developing a novel method for treatment and prevention of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) by using endogenous substances to rebalance the immune system. 


The patent applications contain claims directed to novel medical use/treatment methods, and products like compositions, dosage forms, medical devices,

and kits of parts. 

Lead Product

IMIDs are growing in prevalence and relevance in our society. 


While quite effective therapies have been developed (e.g. DMARDs, biologics) for IMIDs, people living with these conditions may not respond to available treatments.

For others, those therapeutic approaches lose their effect after a while due to (immunological) deactivation. 


Moreover, many patients continue to endure chronic symptoms and disease progression that can take a toll on their daily life. In addition, many patients suffer from severe side effects.


Hence, there is a high demand for innovative therapeutic approaches to address unmet needs. ellennbe's lead product in the field of IMIDs shows impressive clinical data.


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